Almazan Serbian Chef Knife – Buying Guide

The most frequent cutting needs in the kitchen are cutting and slicing, a Almazan Serbian chef knife is a suitable knife to let the process of food preparation becomes easy.


Even though there is no totally perfect knife for the kitchen but Almazan Serbian chef knife will indeed make lots of difference in the food preparation. These knives are hand-forged, full-tang, and versatile, with a Serbian-style chef knife, you can cook easily like a professional chef in your kitchen.

The hammered texture and sharp blade make it a good investment. You will explore great convenience and pleasure while cutting meat, fruits, vegetables, lamb ribs and other food ingredients.

Ok, let’s get to know more about Almazan Serbian chef knife.

What is Serbian knife?

Serbian chef knives are also called” Almazan knife”, looks like a Chinese cleaver, but different from the squarish Chinese cleaver, the Almazan Serbian chef knife features a curved edge.

The Almazan Serbian chef knife is deeply loved by pro chefs for its extreme strength and durability and high sharpness.

The curved edge design and unique sharpness make it a multitasking tool for your kitchen, not only you can use it to cut vegetables, but also can cut meat effortlessly.

Compared with a butcher knife, the Almazan Serbian chef knife is a far more quality chef knife and butcher knife all in one. Thus the Almazan Serbian chef knife is a good investment to save the stress of using multiple knives for one task.

What is an Almazan Serbian chef knife used for?

As we mentioned above, Serbian chef knives are all-in-one chef knives, it is considered the finest cleaver in the world.
It is multi-purpose and perfect for cutting meat, deboning chicken, filleting fish, dicing vegetables, slicing herbs, chopping nuts, and so on.

In a nutshell, it can handle 99% of your cutting task in your kitchen. Just with one knife to meet it, it’s so cost-effective, right?

Why Almazan knife so popular?


1. Can cut any food item

An Almazan knife is useful for any kind of cutting or hacking. It works well whether it is a vegetable, fruit, wood, herbs, or meat.

2. Fast speeding cut and effortlessly

As we all know, A hardened carbon steel blade is harder or more durable than a common kitchen knife. The Almazan Serbian chef knife is made of carbon steel which features high sharpness that allows briefly, smoothly, and effortlessly cuts which is what we expect from a chef’s knife.

According to the excellent combination of weight and balance between blade and handle, a Serbian knife can cut almost anything, from soft to hard without putting in the extra effort.

3. Can be used on many occasions

Except for home and restaurant, this Serbian cleaver knife also can work well outdoors according to its lightweight and easy carrying feature.

When you want to go on a picnic or vacation or camping outdoors with your friends, a Serbian knife is a good partner for you to prepare meals. That’s why most people regard this cleaver as a hunter’s chef knife. The knife is suitable for tough situations faced outdoors because of its highly sharpened edge.

4. Cool design

Each knife is a handmade forged chef knife, The hammered texture on the blade makes it looks old-fashioned but classic.

The blade tapers from the handle towards the tip, the blade is wide and heavy near the handle to add weight for slicing through tough foods just as a standard cleaver.

The Pakkawood handle is carved for great grip and provides ergonomic benefits.

The full-tang design adds durability for a balanced feel in the hand.

The kitchen knives with holes to protect your index finger well when you are cutting, what’s more, the set comes with a stylish leather sheath that makes it very cool.

5. Enduring Sharpness

Each knife is manually sharpened by experienced craftsmen to make its sharp edge last longer than a normal chef knife.

What’s more, carbon steel kitchen knives also can withstand plenty of sharpening without edge breaking or getting misshaped.

Thus, owning a Almazan Serbian chef knife and a knife sharpener, you don’t need to buy new kitchen knives for years.

6. Lasting Knife Handle

Generally, the Almazan Serbian chef knife comes with a Pakkawood knife handle which is stabilized for long longevity. The dense and epoxy-infused wood does not allow moisture to percolate inside the knife handle, after compressing in high pressure, the Pakkawood handle can have a good density and durability, while it shows the texture of real wood to make it looks naturally beautiful.

7. Cost-effective price

Compared with a complete kitchen knife set, you need to pay a much higher price for different types of the knife because of their different function, but, with an all-in-one Almazan Serbian chef knife, you just need to cost money on one single knife to meet all your cutting needs in the kitchen.

Story of the Almazan knife

Actually, Almazan is not really a name of a town in Spain or in Serbia, Similar to many stories, Almazan refers to the brothers’ family names: Boki and Alex Almazan. These 2 brothers came from Balkan Peninsula in Serbia, this is why this kind of knife called the Serbia chef knife.

How to Use a Almazan Serbian chef knife?

As we all know, there are kinds of knife cutting techniques such as dicing, mincing, Julienne, and so on. The best way to use an Almazan Serbian chef knife is pull-cut, please remember to use your index finger supporting the blade by the side and let your other fingers rest on the handle. in this way, you can slice food effortlessly and smoothly.

How to maintain Serbian Carbon knife?

The handmade Serbian Chef’s Knife is made of carbon stainless steel, it has high sharpness, at the same time, it needs extra maintenance to protect it from rust. the care instructions for a carbon knife is a little different from a normal stainless steel knife, these tips are here for you:

  • After each use, please wash the blade with a soft cloth and make sure to dry it off immediately. Don’t place the blade in water/liquids for a long time
  • Don’t wash the knife in the dishwasher
  • After drying it with a soft towel, apply some edible oil such as olive oil on the blade to avoid rusting.
  • In addition, doing like this, in the long run, will form a natural patina on the blade to protect the blade for long lifespan
  • If the knife loses sharpness, then you can use whetstone at a 15-degree angle to bring the sharpness back.

Customers’ feedback on Almazan Serbian chef knife?

Let’s see some feedback about how this chef knife work?

“The Sharpest And Most Versatile Knife I’ve Ever Owned!” – Raymond Long

“Bought one as a gift, once it reached I decided to order another one for my friend who is also cooking enthusiast) .The knife is great! Not only does it look and feel great, but I use it to cut up everything from chopping meat to slicing vegetables. It cuts and slices through anything wonderfully. Definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys cooking.” – Leanna Charles

Where to buy Almazan Serbian chef knife?

Similar to other kitchen knives, you need to consider some factors when you decide to purchase an Almazan Serbian chef knife such as blade, sharpness, durability, grip, design, portability, handle materials, etc. After research these factors, we get a quick list for you to buy a good Serbian knife.

1. 6″ Serbian Chef Knife, Hand Forged Meat Cleaver

Serbian Chef Knife


  • Eco-friendly
  • All-in-one multipurpose knife
  • Hand-hammered kitchen knife
  • Precise cutting
  • Unique curved-edge


  • Need more maintenance

2. 8″ Hand Forged Cleaver Knife

Hand Forged Cleavr Knife


  • Modern stylish
  • Great grip
  • Sharp blade


  • A little heavy

3. Hand Forged Butcher Knife, Serbian Meat Cleaver

Hand forged butcher knife


  • Well-balanced
  • Super-sharp for easy paper cutting


  • Not all people like its rusty look
  • Medium price


An Almazan Serbian chef knife is a great knife for any home or outdoor use because it is sharp, durable, and multifunction. But the blade is made of carbon steel, thus, it’s prone to rust, so, you have to put more effort into taking care of it. of course, everyone should pay attention to the knife you use, they deserve your care because they save time on cooking preparation.

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