Best Black Knife Set for Women 2021

The black knife set is the new favorite of women. The design of Black knife block set is specially designed for women. The blade is much lighter than other similar kitchen knives, so when you cut it, you can clearly feel the sharpness of the knife.

Today, we will recommend Letcase black knife set to everyone. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages of this set of knives compared to other knives.

black knife set

Black Knife Block Set, Black Titanium Nitride Coated

Why Letcase black knife set is perfect for women?

The Black Knife set of Letcase features sharp edges, great grip, and is specially crafted to offer optimal maneuverability.

Any chef would be highly satisfied with the silky cutting feeling when you use this black knife during the culinary journey.

The cutting edge is hand sharpened by craftsmen, thus, you can use the knife right away after you unbox it.

Best Black Knife Set for Women 2021

This black knife set is specially designed for women. Let’s see why:

1. Light-weight Body

The knife is small, lightweight and streamlined, but well-balanced, It cuts smoothly and cleanly, allowing women to easily hold and control the knife.

You won’t feel heavy and fatigue at all when you use this knife set for daily cooking.

2. Cool Looking

In addition to the workmanship of the knife itself, there is also the shape of the knife. Although the color is black, the overall is simple and cool, and it looks very comfortable.

Moreover, girls are really absolute visual creatures. The black surface layer makes people feel very cool and textured. It is very eye-catching when placed in the kitchen.

3. The Set is the Complete Set for Daily Cooking

If you are a fairy who likes to cook soup, then really don’t miss these super cost-effective suits, which include a meat cleaver.

The price is not high, but there is a specially thickened blade, which will make it easier to chop big bones, and it will be easier to chop chickens and ducks, and there will be no obvious frustration. All of these can let you have a good mood when cooking.

Above, we have analyzed why this black set of knives are suitable for women. At the same time, we also need to know whether this set of knives is worth investing in. ok, let’s look at why this knife block is a good kitchen knife set.

Why black knife block set is a good set?

Firstly,Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this set of knives from the overall perspective, and then we analyze the details.


  • Super-sharp edges
  • exceptional craftsmanship
  • Resilient and durable blade
  • Comfortable knife handles
  • Black Titanium Nitride Coated for a non-rust and healthy lifestyle


  • Not everyone like the black color

Best black knife set

1. Durable handle

The handle of the black knife is ergonomically designed for a durable and comfortable grip. It’s integrated with the blade hereby offering a firm grasp for all grip styles.

The handles are also coated with black Titanium nitride, waterproof, rust-proof, and impervious to temperature changes.

2. Premium High-carbon stainless steel

The blades of this black knife set are made of high-carbon stainless steel, which is stable, durable, reliable, and resilient.

Going through a vacuum treated process to enhance edge retention while keeping the high sharpness.

The hardness of this black knife is stable at 56±2 allows it cut through many kinds of ingredients.

These blades are hand sharpened at 15 degrees per side for high sharpness, you can cut food like cut hot butter.

Owning this knife set, you can improve cooking efficiency and feel better pleasing when you are cooking.

3. Healthier and more environment friendly

Each blade has black Titanium nitride coated, which enhances corrosion resistance, robustness, rust resistance, and antibacterial properties, better for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, this unique design makes the blade non-stick, better for a fast-speeding cut.

best black knife set

4. A multifunction knife block set

As we mentioned above, This black knife set is perfect for daily cooking. including :

Black 7 ” meat cleaver, 7 ” Slicing knife,7′ chef knife,5′ utility knife, scissors.

The 7 ” meat cleaver is used for cutting bones like sparerib,chicken etc.

The 7″ Slicing Knife is great for slicing meat and cut vegetables.

The 7″ chef knife is good at handling fish.

The scissor is used to cut vegetables, open bottle caps, cut cooked roasts.

6 piece knife set also includes a knife block.

Best Black Knife Set for Women 2021

The knife holder can be directly disassembled and cleaned, which is convenient and healthy. When putting other parts in it can save space in the kitchen and avoid mess.

In addition, if you are a cooking beginner, you don’t need to worry about sharpening the blade. You just need to use the knife sharpeners to resharpen it. If you don’t have sharpeners at home, you can choose the 7 pieces of black knife set which has the knife sharpener in them.

Please note that when sharpening the knife, please pull in one direction. Do not pull the tool forward and backward, otherwise, It will easily damage the blade and reduce the lifespan of the knife.

Customer feedback on black knife set

We collect some feedback on this knife block set, let’s see what they say:

“It’s really easy to hold and control thereby I cook more frequently, it’s so nice to fast-finished food preparation.”

“I was attracted by the appearance of this set of knives, the cool appearance, I no longer have to worry about the bad food at the party.”

“My wife loves it so much, it really did add fun and excitement in the kitchen. my wife’s mood becomes better.”

“I like this black knife set because it comes with varying lengths and hence can be used interchangeably for differently sized ingredients.”

“I have to say, it’s a good investment in your knife collection. New looking and non-rust.”

How to maintain the black knives?

  1. Clean the knife and dry it with a soft cloth after each use.
  2. Place the knife into the knife block.
  3. You’d better hand wash the knives instead of putting them into the dishwasher to avoid damaging the coat on the knife.


If you looking for the best kitchen knife set for girls or women, you can try this black knife block set. An affordable price for a high visual and high-value knife set is a good choice.

If you have other knowledge about the knife you want to know, please comment us and let us know , we’ll try our best to help you.

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