Top 6 Best Damascus Knife Set Review in 2021

If you are here, whether you are a home chef or a pro chef, don’t hesitate to invest in the Damascus chef knife, they can retain sharpness longer and more durable, even with heavy frequent use.

Best Damascus Knife Set | Letcase

A good kitchen knife set is as essential as a quality collection of pans and pots. Each Damascus steel kitchen knife is unique due to its distinctive figured pattern, formed in forged process-folded, pounded, and shaped multiple layers of premium steel.

It is time-consuming to look for a satisfied Damascus kitchen knife set, we made a list for you to find the right knife set quickly.

Top Damascus Knife Set Reviewed

Comparison Chart

Best damascus knife set

6 Pieces Damascus Kitchen Knives, Japanese VG10 High Carbon Steel

Best damascus kitchen knife set

4 Pieces Damascus Japanese Knife Set, Blue G10 Handle

best 6pcs damascus knife set

6 Pieces Damascus Knife Set with Block

Best Damascus knife set - 5pcs

5 Pieces Hand Forged Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

Best Damascus knife Set - Steak Knives

Non Serrated Steak Knife Set, Olive Wood Handle

best damascus knife set - 6pcs japanese steak knife

6 Pieces Damascus Steak Knife, Japanese AUS10 Steel

Damascus Kitchen Knife Set Buying Guide

When you want to invest in Damascus kitchen knife set , consider these factors first:

1. How many knives included in the set

How many types of knives you need depends on your own needs in the kitchen. Damascus knives always come at expensive prices, so, it’s better to buy the necessary knife you need to accommodate your cutting needs.

2. Rust-Resistance

Generally, Damascus knives are rust-resistance which makes them easier to maintain.

3. Durability

Here are some factors that can influence the durability of knives, such as the blade steel, full-tang design, bolsters, pins, and rivets. So, the better Damascus knife should be full-tang and with rivets design to enhance durability.

4. Handle material

Generally speaking, the fiberglass handle, such as the G10 handle is better than the natural wood handle, which may corrosion after contacting water over time.

5. Pattern

The most attractive thing about the Damascus knife is its unique pattern, there are kinds of patterns on the blade, just choose the one that you really like. It’s a preference issue.

6 Best Damascus Knife Set of 2021

1. 6 Pieces Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

Best Damascus Knife Set, 6 Pieces Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

On the hunt for a high-quality knife set? you won’t go wrong with this 6 pieces Damascus kitchen knife set from Letcase.

This 6 pieces Damascus knife set includes an 8″ chef knife, a 7″ Santoku knife, a 7″ Nakiri knife, a 5″ utility knife, a 3.5″ paring knife, black gift box. It is a completely professional combination to handle cutting tasks in the kitchen.

All the knives are crafted out of 67 layers of Damascus steel-Japanese high-quality VG-10 steel, to ensure the sharpness and toughness of the blade. Just put a little pressure, the knife can slice through the food. What’s more, The Damascus knife can hold an edge very long time, you don’t have to sharpen it for years.

All knives feature a unique real Damascus pattern, which makes them a good display in the kitchen.

The design and construction of the G10 handle of this knife have a good weight distribution between blades and handle to minimize the discomfort and increase comfort and stability when holding it in hand.


  • Full Tang
  • VG10 core blade with 66 layers of stainless steel Damascus cladding
  • Hold edge longer
  • Require less sharpening
  • G10 handles
  • 62HRC, razor-sharp
  • Forged not stamped
  • Value for the money


  • No bread knives
  • No knife block

2. 4 Pieces Damascus Japanese Knife Set

Best Damascus knife set, 4 Pieces Damascus Japanese Knife Set

The 4 pieces Damascus Japanese knife set is a simplified set of knives, including an 8″ chef knife, 6.5″ Santoku knife, 5.5″ boning knife, 3.5″ fruit knife.

If you don’t make heavy intricate dishes, it is totally enough.

While the blades of this knife set are certainly impressive, the first thing that caught my eye is its blue knife handle.

The handles are made of G10 material, G10 is an extremely durable and grippable material, usually used in high-end kitchen knives. To be honest, G10 is my favorite handle material which can be created in different colors. However,Knives with G10 handles on the market often in black color, but in fact, they can be made into other colors. This blue is a different attractive color.

Of course, the quality of the blade can match the blue G10 handle. The blade is also made from high-quality Japanese steel-VG-10, So, you don’t need to doubt the sharpness of the knife.

Finally, the manufacturer provides excellent service, they’ll answer any question you have. The most important is that they have a refund policy available which allows customers to get a refund if they don’t satisfied with the product within 30 days after the purchase.


  • Very sharp right out of the box
  • The unique blue handle, moisture-resistance, visually pleasing
  • Well-crafted
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Precise cuts
  • Full Tang design
  • Great edge retention
  • Triple Riveted for stability


  • Only 4 knives in the set
  • No storage knife holder included

3. 6 Pieces Damascus Knife Set with Block

Best Damascus knife set, 6 Pieces Damascus Knife Set with Block

If you are looking for an extremely high-end classic Japanese knife set, This 6-piece Damascus knife set with block is tough to beat. The only bad is its expensive price, but it worth it.

It is a perfect combination of knives, includes an 8″ chef knife, a meat cleaver, a boning knife, a straight-edge steak knife, scissors, a wooden knife block. It is enough to handle all your cutting tasks at home or restaurant such as removing bones from meat, sliced meat, cutting vegetables. Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials, such as small vegs, roast meat, sausage, etc. The non-serrated steak knife is perfect for steak dinner.

This knife set was crafted by an AUS-10 steel core, wrapped in a 66 layer high-carbon stainless steel to form a beautiful flower-shaped Damascus pattern on the blade. The hardened process to the blade makes it durable while retaining the sharpness long. The blade is hand sharpened at 9.5° to 12°  to perform high sharpness. Imagine the silky cutting experience, so nice, right?

The D-shaped G10 handle with a wavy pattern is not only comfortable to hold but also elegant. It’s a good choice for a busy home chef due to it can reduce fatigue after extended use.

Each detail of this knife set can stand the test. well-balanced knife, no gaps or raised edges in the handle or need to worry about knife breaking.

It is a hand-forged knife set, therefore, there are no quality assurance problems.


  • Extremely sharp with 62±2HRC
  • Full Tang
  • Made by Japanese AUS-10 knife
  • Forged not stamped
  • D-shaped G10 handle
  • Great edge retention
  • 67-layer flower Damascus
  • Complete set with a steak knife and cleaver knife
  • Safe and convenient storage with wooden knife block


  • High price

4. 5 Pieces Hand Forged Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

Best Damascus knife set, hand forged damascus kitchen knife set

Here is a budget-friendly choice, this 5 pieces hand forged Damascus kitchen knife set includes an 8″ chef knife, 7″ Santoku knife, 6″ boning knife, 5″ utility knife, 3.5″ paring knife. Well-crafted to withstand all the constant choppings happening in the kitchen. What’s more, it doesn’t need to cost so much money to get such a high-quality kitchen knife set.

This one is also made of Damascus steel to provide high sharpness, durability, and rust-resistant properties. The blade is processed through an 8° oblique, V-shaped cutting edge, very sharp, cut foods freely.

As implied from the picture, the knife has an exquisite fishbone pattern, underwent special processing to show beauty and refinement.

The Full-tang triple-riveted G10 handle adds strength and durability makes it keep a balance between the blade and handle.

This Damascus chef knife set comes in a black gift box to protect the knife from damage during the shipment.


  • Silky cutting performance
  • Super-Sharp
  • Fit the hands well
  • Good packaging
  • Beautiful fishbone pattern
  • Durable


  • No knife Block

5. Non Serrated Steak Knife Set

Best Damascus knife set - non serrated steak knife set

Everyone must have a set of steak knives at home, and this non serrated steak knife set will be one of the sharpest, most delicate and unique you have ever used in your life.

This 5″ steak knife set is made of 73 layers of Japanese Damascus steel, it represents the highest level of Japanese kitchen knives. The VG10 Japanese steel hardness is up to 60±2HRC, it has high sharpness and durability.

This steak knife set has a clear and beautiful Damascus daffodil pattern. The olive wood varnished handles look very beautiful. In addition, seamless connection is not easy to take off the handle, not easily broken.

This Damascus steak knives look elegant and are well made which is a perfect combination of both restaurant and home décor. This is a fantastic gift for the right recipient(s).

This steak knife set includes: 6 * Damascus steak knives, 1 * Wood box, 1 * User guide and 1 * Soft cloth.


  • Top Japanese steel
  • VG10 73 layers of Damascus steel
  • 62HRC, high sharpness and durability
  • Unique olive wood handle
  • Full tang design
  • With wood box


  • Expensive price

6. 6 Pieces Damascus Steak Knife

Best Damascus knife set - 6pcs damascus steak knife

This set of Damascus steak knife is also very exquisite, it is simply a perfect work. Each steak knife handle has its own color which is different from other steak knives. It has a total of 6 colors that can be selected.

This Damascus steak knife set made of AUS-10 Japanese 67 layers of Damascus steel, the hardness is stable at 60 ± 2HRC, ensure exceptional strength, durability and stain resistance.

This Damascus steak knife adopts full tang design and G10 handle, hand-sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side, and expertly heat treated.

This Damascus steak knife is non-serrated, allowing a smooth slice on steaks and other foods without tears and ridges. It is very suitable as a gift.

This Damascus steak knife Includes: 6 * Unique Damascus steak knife, 1 * Gift box, 1 * User guide and 1 * Soft cloth.


  • Full tang design
  • Japanese AUS-10 steel, 67 layers.
  • The different color G10 handles are gorgeous and sculpted to perfection
  • The Damascus blades are beautiful, sharp
  • Easy to clean
  • With gift box, luxury packaging


  • Expensive price

After get a quick list of best Damascus knife set, here are some other basic knowledge about Damascus steel knife. Hope it can help you decide which knife set you want.

How to maintain Damascus knife set

Even though the Damascus knife is a high-quality kitchen knife, you have to know some tips to care for it well, you also don’t want to cost so much money to buy another set of knives, right?

1. Keep the knife dry

Though the Damascus steel rust-resistance, you still can’t place it in a moisture environment for a long time which will cause chemistry reflection. So, you’d better wash and dry the knife after each use. Prepare a soft cloth in advance to wipe the blade.

2. Reoil your Damascus knife

Any edible oil such as olive oil is ok to apply on the blade to prevent rusting.

3. Avoid contacting hard items

Use the plastic or wood cutting board instead of hard materials, because if the board is harder than the knife itself, it may cause the knife to break.

best damascus knife set - how to mantain knife

FAQS about Damascus steel knife

1. What is Damascus steel?

In principle, Damascus steel is not a specific type of steel, it is a technique that folded and forged multi-layer of steel, going through specific processes to form a different unique wavy pattern on the blade. During this process, a cool-looking and strong blade were formed.

2. Are Damascus knives worth investing in?

Yes, the answer is yes due to Damascus knives’ higher sharpness and longer edge retention. Furthermore, its unique looking is also a good addition to the chef’s collection.

3. Are Damascus Steel knives Good?

If the steel core uses high-quality steel such as Japanese VG-10, AUS-10, SG2, then the knife is definitely good. Because the high-quality core can ensure high sharpness, delivers 62±2 sharpness. In another hand, The blade is wrapped in other layers of soft steel on each side to offer exceptional strength and make the knife can hold the edge well.

In addition, forged in multiple layers of steel can create an elegant pattern to attract the attention of people.

In a nutshell, Damascus kitchen knives are good.

4. Are Damascus knives rust?

Generally, Damascus steel is highly rust-resistant, with proper care, it won’t rust. Thus, you need to wash and dry it after each use and don’t soak it in the water for a long time. Do in the right way, there is no rust stain on the blade.

5. How to sharpen the Damascus kitchen knife?

Normally, the Damascus knife doesn’t require frequently sharpening because of its long edge retention. But, as with any other steel, Damascus steel will become blunt someday, if you feel the knife is not sharp as before, you need to sharpen it. Remember, for Damascus kitchen knives, the high grind whetstone is the best tool to resharpen the knives.

best damascus knife set - sharpen knife


As we mentioned above, the Damascus kitchen knife is worth investing in due to its good performance on sharpness and durability and its decorative properties.

Hope you can find the right Damascus knife set after you read this article, don’t forget to tell me which one you choose. Any other question about Damascus kitchen knife set, contact us directly.

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