Best Professional Chef Knife Set with Case

Looking for the best professional chef knife set with case? You came to the right place.

A professional chef knife set with case is good for carrying and storage when not in use. Furthermore, it’s convenient to carry knives when going outdoors. One more thing is that the chef knife set with the bag is also good for culinary school students when training in culinary school. They can store their own knives in their own case.

Best Chef Knife Set with Case

What is professional chef knife set with case?

As the name implied, it is a complete professional chef knife set that comes with a zipped bag, which provides protection for built-in knives, and will stop blades from being knocked or damaged in transportation. Under most circumstances, these knife set is primarily designed for pro chefs who tend to equip a wide range of knives.

Why you need a professional chef knife set with case?

If you have a complete set of knives, please don’t place them in a regular bag or suitcase to avoid damage to the bag or the other items inside it. In addition, here is another risk, the knife could poke a hole through the regular bag to stab the people who near the case. That’s why you need a chef knife set with case to protect the knives and keep the utensils secured properly in their respective compartments. In this way, it can make sure both you and your knives will be safe.

In addition, each knife was placed in a specialized pocket, it will be convenient to pick and get the knife you need.

What’s more, A chef knife set with case help keeps the kitchen be clean and safe. The chef can move them conveniently without worrying about getting injured.

So, a knife case should be strong, quality, moisture-resistant, dirt-resistant, and dust-resistant.

How do you take care of a knife bag?

When in terms of how to clean and maintain your knife bag, it depends on what material the knife bag is made of.

One thing you should remember is that any type of knife bag shouldn’t be machine-washed or dry-cleaned.

It’s better to brush your knife carrying case with a soft brush or spot-clean it with a damp sponge.

Any chef will treasure their knives, so, your tools deserve your careful care.

Best professional chef knife set with case

After we know some basic info about the chef knife set with case, we will introduce a budget-friendly choice for you.

Best professional chef knife set with case

Letcase 9 Pieces Professional Chef Knife Set with Carrying Case

Letcase is a young brand of knife making, manufactures many types of cutlery set for home chefs and professionals, ranging from knife block sets, kitchen knife sets, chef knives to the Damascus knife, etc.

This chef knife set with case is made for long-lasting use and outstanding performance. The stainless steel construction makes the blade sharp enough for precision cutting.

Each blade features good sharpness and robustness due to it was ice-tempered. In another hand, the hollow grounds can help minimize food sticking on the blade when cutting. All of these can make a sure easily clean cut.

Furthermore, comfort is another key factor you need to think about, this chef knife set is lightweight and well-balanced to reduce finger and hand fatigue and offer a comfortable grip.

Each knife has a full-tang designed handle and polished bolsters to add durability, thus the weight can balance well and you can control the knife easily. At the same time, the handle is non-slip, so, though your hands are wet, the handle also can provide a safe grip.

To make the knife portable, this knife set comes with a black zipped case to keep the knife organized in it.

This 9-piece knife set contains:

  • Carving Fork: Good for holding a BBQ party, help you roast meat.
  • Watermelon knife (Carving knife): Long enough to cut big items such as watermelon, pumpkin, turkey, etc.
  • Meat cleaver: Cleaver knife is good for effortlessly cutting meat.
  • Bread knife: if you like to bake bread, it is essential for you.
  • Boning knife: This knife is used for removing meat from bones quickly.
  • Chef knife: A versatile knife for 95% daily cutting tasks.
  • Nakiri knife: A perfect knife for slicing, dicing vegetables.
  • Paring knife: Good for paring fruit and small fine cutting tasks.
  • Utility knife: It can be used as a straight-edged steak knife too.
  • Nylon Carrying Case: To store and protect the knife.


  • Polished bolsters
  • Full-tang handle
  • Comes with a nylon carrying case
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Great cutting performance and long-lasting edge retention
  • Durable and comfortable to hold
  • Easy control
  • Totally low price
  • Good for cutlery school student and cooking starter.


  • It is not made of high-end steel, such as Damascus steel. Thus, the sharpness is not the maximum sharp.

Overall, the professional chef knife set with carrying case is a great choice for you, if you are looking for the best chef knife set with a case. It will help you handle a wide range of precision cutting tasks in your kitchen effortlessly.

The most important thing is its low price, you can try it free of risk. It is a perfect choice for cutlery school students and cooking starters. Try it at a lower cost.


In a nutshell, if you love to cook and travel, this chef knife set could be your choice. You’ll not be disappointed if you add this knife set to your cutlery collection. It is value for the money, makes you enjoy the outstanding cutting performance while at a low cost.

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