The Best Steak Knives of 2021

Top 3 Best Steak Knives

The best steak knives can dress up your table well and bring a sense of occasion. Imagine that you take out a visually pleasing steak knife set from a beautiful box and place them on the table, what comes to your mind? romantic memory? family dinner? entertainment party dinner? all these are special occasions, whether you are at home or in a restaurant, A stylish steak knife set is essential to improve the dining experience.

Best Steak Knives

Of course, you may be overwhelmed by a wide range of options for steak knives on the market. In this article, we’ll introduce 3 of the most highly-rated steak knife sets on the market for you, whether you need steak knives regularly or just use them a few times a year, these steak knife sets can totally meet your needs. In addition, we’ll also offer more information you need to know before you decide which steak knife to buy. For example, why you need a steak knife, the different edges of a steak knife, the factors to consider when buying a steak knife, our recommendations for the best steak knives, and finally we’ll share some answers to frequently asked questions about the steak knives.

Why you need a delicate steak knife set for steak dinner?

1. Remain the steak knives sharp without frequent sharpening

Steak knives are specially designed for handling cooked steak. Own a set of steak knives, you can rotate the other blades in the set each time to allow your knives to remain reliably sharp without constantly sharpen one knife every now and then.

2. Show your exquisite lifestyle

Nowadays, the steak dinner is related to “low-key luxury”.

Even though you live alone, you can use a steak knife to cut your juicy steak, beef, chicken, and other soft & boneless meats into fine slices to make your daily meal as an air of rarity to it. This is the evidence that you live your life seriously and try to make life more interesting.

3. Let your friends know you care about them

Indeed, steak knives aren’t just for yourself, but also convenient for entertaining guests or family members. When you hold a gathering party, serving a juicy steak is a good way to make your guest feel valued.

Pictured it: you invite your friends to your home, you spend so much effort and time on dressing up nicely, picking the good lighting and music, and decorating a beautiful table. When all people sit down to eat, you really don’t want to ruin your dining experience with a low-quality steak knife, right?

The steak knife should be designed beautifully to cut correctly in smooth and consistent cuts. A stylish steak knife set can enhance the quality and uniqueness of your cutlery and improve the dining experience, to make your guest feel as enjoyable as possible. All of these can tell your guest that you care about them.

Before you are going to choose the steak knife, you need to know the different types of steak knives.

Types of steak knives

Not all steak knives look the same, then could be different in outward appearance, edge shape, etc.

According to the shape of the edge, here are 2 popular types of steak knives, that is serrated steak knives and non-serrated steak knives. There isn’t a definite answer to say which one is best. It’s more like an issue of personal preference. First, let’s figure out what’s the difference are.

1. Serrated edge

A serrated steak knife is the most “classic” style, can slice through crusty food like bread and roasts easily. When cut meat fibers, the serrated edgework more like a saw to tear food. Due to its exposed small edges, the serrated-edged steak knife can hold edge retention longer than a straight-edged one.

2. Non-serrated edge

When carving fibers of the meat, a straight-edged steak knife allows a silky smooth clean cut instead of tearing.

It requires more frequent sharpening, of course, it is easier to sharpen than a serrated one.

A steak knife with a straight edge will allow for smooth clean cutting without tearing. This will require more sharpening than a serrated edge, but it will also be much easier to sharpen.

Again, which one to choose is depends on your preference.

if you don’t want to maintain your edge, a serrated edge is better for you. if you more like the smooth slicing cutting experience, a non-serrated steak knife is your best choice.

What to look for when buying a steak knife set

To make the final decision, you have to consider some important factors. The steak knife is specially designed for steak, think in this direction. We provide some factors for your reference.

1. How good was the knife cut?

High-sharpness is the key factor, you need to ensure you get a sharp blade with good edge retention. Thus, you don’t need to exert a lot of force or saw back and forth endlessly when you cut through steak, pork chops into clean slices.

In addition, the blade should withstand wear well that comes from continued sharpening over the years. Also, a full tang steak knife can help well-cut.

2. How comfortable is it to use?

Comfort is another important factor to think about when you use these knives at the dinner table. You want them to offer a pleasurable dining experience to your guest. So, we focus more on balance rather than weight, which is an issue of subjective preference. A well-balanced knife can provide a comfortable grip and fit your hands well.

Not only that but comfort is related to safety. A comfortable, easy-grip knife can improve precision cut and maneuverability to ensure safe. The knife handle materials are variables to consider It could be Plastic, stainless steel, Pakkawood, epoxy resin, G10, Micarta, etc.

How long does the steak knife last?

The quality of the steak knives is also something to think about. You can buy a flimsy, poor-quality steak knife set at a pretty cheap price anywhere, but, you will find that you need to buy them over and over again, tired of doing this? Get a good-quality steak knife that can last for years with proper care can let you get far away from it.

Generally speaking, A high carbon stainless steel knife blade can last longer.

How many steak knives are included in a set?

To some degree, it is reasonable to have steak knives in a quantity that matches your place settings, there are other things to think about. For example, would you restrict steak knives to adults’ use only? How many people do you usually invite to a party?

Normally, steak knives set of 4 and steak knives set of 6 are popular choices.

What is the size of the steak knife?

Though a longer blade can cut better, it is less control and less suitable for a precision cut. Thus,5 to 6-inch steak knives are a popular option due to their versatility.

Best steak knife reviewed

1. Letcase Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set of 6, Japanese Damascus steel knife with Olive Wood Handle

best steak knives with olive wood handle

One of the best steak knives available on the market is a set from Letcase. Even though Letcase is not a famous brand, but the quality of their knives is top-ranking. Here’s their customer’s feedback on this high-end non-serrated steak knife set. As you can see from the feedback, they love this set very much.

best steak knives reviews 2

This steak knife set comes with a beautifully designed wooden box and olive wood handle and outstanding performance makes it a professional look.

There are 6 steak knives included in this set. The blade of all the knives is made of Japanese super steel-VG10, one of Damascus steel offers high sharpness up to 62. Wrapped with 36 layers of soft steel on each side of the steel core, make sure the blade is sharp and can keep long edge retention.

Not to mention, the blades are stain-resistant and precision-forged, very suitable for fine cuts.

Each steak knife features a unique olive wood handle, a luxury ornament on the knife. The olive wood handle was sanded to offer great grip and offers visual elegance to your table.

This set consists of 6 polished steak knives, allows you to invite several friends or family over for dinner. This olive wood steak knife must spark conversation and impress your guest.

Thanks to its wood storage box to keep the knife organized and safely stored in it. It could be a great gift idea for weddings, housewarmings, or a unique present for any steak-loving friends.

In terms of price, This knife set is definitely value for money.

On the whole, this steak knife set is the one to beat in terms of performance, longevity, looks, value, and precision slicing performance.


  • All steak knives feature an olive wood handle and are stored in a wooden presentation box, makes it an expensive and elegant feeling
  • Made of 73 layers of premium Japanese steel
  • 6-piece set suitable for gathering dinner or as a gift for people you care
  • Full tang design offers optimum balance and easy control when cutting.
  • The high carbon content adds strength and durability, allows the blade to stay sharper for longer, and requires less sharpening.


  • The wood box is a little heavy

2. Damascus Steak Knife with Colored G10 Handle

best steak knives, g10 handle

This Damascus steak knife is one of the most durable and beautiful sets you can get.

Made from Japanese super steel-AUS-10 steel, designed for one-pass cutting.The sharpness of steel core up to 62 HRC.

Each side of the steel core is high-carbon stainless steel, provide a Damascus-style beauty and quality. Each side has been hand-sharpened at a 14-16 degree to ensure maximum sharpness. All of these allow light work of any cut of meat, no matter how tough or overcooked. Furthermore, it is non-stick.

The straight-edge steak set features modern-style wooden handles complete with rivets.

The handle is made from G10 materials, riveted, and covers the blade’s full tang completely to offer balance and precise control of your knife and ensure balance and a good product lifespan.  In another hand, the G10 handle is highly durable and resistant to heat and impact as well as dishwasher-friendly. The most attractive thing is its color, each handle has one different color. It will make your steak knife stands out in the market.

This set comes with a black gift box, very decent as a gift for any important occasion to important people.

If you are looking for straight-edged steak knives that really cut cleanly and smoothly, to make your steak night extra bits special, then this Letcase set is an excellent choice.


  • Japanese AUS-10 steel, renowned for quality and Damascus pattern.5″ straight-edged blades can slice through steak without any shredding or tearing of fiber of the meat.
  • G10 ergonomic colored handles with rivets are durable and visually elegant
  • Full tang handle to make sure good balance and fantastic performance
  • Hand-finished edge for high-sharpness
  • Decent gift idea


  • No wooden storage box to present it
  • Require regular sharpening to maintain it

3. High Carbon Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

best steak knives, stainless steel

If you don’t want to invest so much money in the steak knife set, you can start from this cost-effective one.

Excellent performance and nice-looking at a shockingly affordable price point make this stainless steel steak knife set a clear winner.

Crafted out of high carbon stainless steel, features a rust-resistant, smooth, and sharp edge. The hardness is up to 56±2 HRC, combined with a curved tip to cuts through boneless sections efficiently, allows for an even slice. The blade has a micro-serrated edge, which makes it also suitable for cutting bread and tomatoes. What’s more, the serrated edge will never need sharpening, just let it be.

The color wood knife handle is finely polished for great grip. It is also a full tang handle for balance and good control.

If you are looking for an affordable steak knife set, you can try this option at a cheap price.


  • Comes with a micro-serrated edge and no need to sharpen the knives
  • Resistant to rust and stain
  • Affordable price
  • Full tang wood handle
  • Nice-looking


  • Not dishwasher-friendly due to its wood handle
  • Not easy to be resharpened

Care and Maintenance on Steak Knife

Like other kitchen knives, steak knives require proper maintenance to keep them in good condition for a long time.

First, use dish soap to wash the knife, then dry them with a soft cloth to avoid rust. Try not to throw it in the dishwasher even if the knife manufacturer claims that the knife is dishwasher safe. Take a few minutes after dinner hand-washing it can extend its lifespan for years.

Secondly, keep them organized and safely stored in a knife block or knife holder, or magnetic strip. In a word, avoid contacting hard items to damage the blade. At the same time, you should be careful with your own safety.

Finally, when you feel your steak knives don’t sharp like before, change a new one or run them on knife steel/whetstone to maintain their sharp edge. Of course, if you own high-quality steak knives, I guess you don’t need to worry about it, it may last for years then become dull gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steak Knives

1. What is a steak knife used for?

As its name implied, the steak knife is mainly used for slicing cooked meat like steak, poultry. However, due to its versatile design, it can also be used for other tasks, such as cubing cheese, slicing roasts, cutting bread, halving sandwiches, etc.

2. Where do you store a steak knife?

When in terms of storage, safety is the first thing you need to think about. So, put the knives in a separate safe space is good. Some steak knife set comes with a matched box, if not, you can buy a box or buy a magnet holder is ok too.

3. Which one is better between a straight blade or a serrated blade?

Ultimately, this dilemma question comes down to personal preference.

A serrated steak knife is a more traditional and classic choice. It can retain its sharpness for a long time while it’s not easy to sharpen.

In reverse, A straight-edged steak knife is easier to sharpen and requires more sharpening than a serrated one. Many people fall in love with its smooth and fast rhythm as you’re cutting.

4. How often should I sharpen my steak knives?

Actually, it depends on many factors, such as how frequently it is to use your steak knife, the quality of your steak knife and how you care about your knives, etc.

Normally, Hypothesis that you use a steak knife regularly, if it is stainless steel, we recommend sharpen it every 2 or 3 months. If it is Damascus steel, sharpen it once a year is enough.

5. How to sharpen a serrated steak knife?

Though it is difficult to sharpen a serrated steak knife, you can do it with some special tools and skills, know how to do it, check our article: How to sharpen a serrated knife?

6. Can I trust Letcase brand?

In terms of steak knife making, Letcase offers high-quality steak knives, even though it is a young brand. The reputation of their steak knives is very good, just like the customer feedback mentioned earlier. The customer is very satisfied with the value and appearance of the steak knife. If you are looking for a set of high-quality steak knives, Letcase is a trustworthy emerging brand.


Whether you’re a foodie or roast lover, picking the best steak knives can help you enjoy dinner. Moreover, a high-quality knife set can let you feel proud when entertaining your guest.

After reading this article, I hope you get sufficient information about steak knives and help you make the final decision.

Our best favorite is the Letcase non-serrated steak knife set of 6 with olive wood handle due to its excellent sharp blades, visually pleasing, superior edge retention, and outstanding value for money. What’s your choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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