A Guide on How to Choose Steak Knives

Not only can the wrong blade turn steaks into piles of shreds, but it also ruins your mood enjoying dinner. Making an unforgettable dinner requires several quality kitchen gadgets such as the right cutting boards, great sheet pans, and a great set of knives. Now that we’re limiting our social interactions according to the CDC guidelines, we cook more frequently at home. Whether you’ve made the perfect rib eye or roasted the ideal pork loin, a good set of steak knives will bring more pleasure during the meal.

A Guide on How to Choose Steak Knives

Are you looking for this kind of good steak knife set? Don’t worry, before you make decisions, you need to figure out what should be considered when are you buying steak knives set?

1. The frequency of using steak knife

Before you make the decision to invest a set of steak knives in your shopping cart, please think about how often you’ll use them.

If you make steak frequently and are willing to invite several friends or family over for dinner and enjoy entertaining, then it is worthwhile to buy a high-end set that can decrease frustration at the dinner table and show your respect to the people you invite.

But If you only eat steak and lamb on some special occasions, then, a pricey set of steak knives is not necessary. Think about it.

Once you’ve decided that you need a set of steak knives, consider the quality and type of steel used to make the knives and other factors as follows.

2. Blade materials

Everyone wants to own a perfect set of steak knives, you may choose it the same way selecting the kitchen knives. But, steak knives are most certainly not kitchen knives. chef knife can be used on a wooden or poly cutting board, which is easy on knife edges. However, steak knives are used on hard plates, which can dull an edge very quickly. Thus the same 420 stainless steel that makes a workable chef knife will be horrible in a steak knife. we need to find harder steel materials for steak knives’ blades. such as VG-10, AUS-10, 4116 Krupp, T-12, 12c27, or similar steels.

What you need to pay attention to is that the blade steel needs to be stainless, not carbon. Because the salt content of meat would make carbon knives stain in as little as 30 minutes, we can’t maintain it with oil immediately.

We recommend harder strong Stainless steel which is known for its ability to resist rust and is durable, and extremely important if you want your knives to have longer longevity.

3. Blade type

If you searched steak knives online before, you will know that there are different knife edges. There are basically 3 blade types: straight-edge, serrated-edge, Hollow-edge. of course, which type to choose depends on your personal preference. But you should know each one’s pros and cons.



  1. Serrated knives are easier to use, at least at first. It’s easy to cut through crusty cuts like roasts and bread.
  2. Due to it has smaller exposed edges, it can stay sharp longer than straight-edge blades
  3. Easier to maintain, it doesn’t need frequently sharpen.


  1. Difficulty to be sharpened, thus you have to replace them eventually.
  2. Compared with the clean-cut of a sharp straight edge, the cut made by serrated knives is more like a tear when cutting meat fibers.



  1. Straight-edge steak knife is easier to sharpen and hone, just use the same tools you use on a chef knife.
  2. Straight-edge steak knives can last a long time, if you do a proper sharpening session with the right care to keep the blade aligned and sharp, they’ll last forever.
  3. Straight-edge steak knife allows the smooth clean cut and won’t tear the steak meat


Every coin has two sides, this style of blade is easier to sharpen, but it also needs more frequent sharpening than a serrated edge.


As the name of “Hollow-edge” implied, this kind of style steak knife blade with measured indentations along the blade’s edge, an air pocket will be created between the hollow edge and the slice when you cut meats or vegetables, which prevents foods from sticking to the steak blade and allows for finer slices.

4. Balance

Like any other kitchen knife, balance is a very important consideration, affecting the feel and ease of use of the knife.

Many people choose to purchase a steak knife set online, so it’s not convenient to test how feel in your hand.  Knifemakers should be responsible for their own design in knife balance. there are some indicators of great balance for reference:

  1. Does the knife blade look heavy or proportional to the knife handle? The weight should be distributed appropriately between the blade and handle.
  2. Does it looks comfortable to hold in the hand.
  3. If is the full-tang design

5. Appearance

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying a steak dinner while using the best and visually elegant Japanese steak knives.

Having a beautiful steak knife set at home, I think you are not just for filling your stomach. In order to prepare an exquisite culinary dinner, you may invest so much money in ingredients and so much time in preparation. Maybe you are expecting a complete and unforgettable dining experience. I believe you don’t want an ugly bad steak knife set to ruin your mood.

What’s more, A visual elegance knife set will show your good taste and attitude toward life

In addition, A visually pleasing steak knife set can add extra elegance to the table to impress your dinner guests and show them that you have enough respect for them.

Thus, the appearance of a steak knife set is vital, please be cautious when choosing it.

A Guide on How to Choose Steak Knives


high-end steak knife set also adds a sense of occasion, dresses up your table, and makes an outstanding gift for dinner guests.

Whether you cook steak on a regular basis or a few times a year, hope you can find a stylish steak knife set after you evaluating the factors mentioned above.

In terms of the recommendation of good and beautiful steak knives, waiting for us for a few days, we’ll make research and show the result to you.

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