Is the Serbian Chef Knife Worth it?

I guess many people want to know how Serbian chef knife works after six months. Today, I’m going to share my feeling about it because I did use one Serbian chef knife for over 6 months.

Is the Serbian Chef Knife Worth it

Pros of Serbian Chef Knife

1. Great grip

It is a very very enjoyable knife to cut with, it’s really fun to cut with its novelty knife, and that’s a very cool looking thing I do have to admit that I think the Serbian chef’s knives look super cool, and that’s really kind of about it well one worth it.

One more thing I found out that it was made of 1095 high carbon steel and the nice thing about 1095 hardened steel is that it is a very very easy steel to sharpen and that’s really kind of about it.

On the pros list, I don’t want to just kind of keep going on and on about you know this knife is so great, this knife is pretty average but practical in the kitchen.

2. Affordable price

The price is okay because there’s so much height and there’s so much marketing built around. There are a lot of companies trying to sell this knife for an exorbitant amount of money, charging $90, and then they want to charge you another $24.99 for the leather sheath. But the hand forged butcher knife I bought for letcase was just sold for $69. For $69 you can get one Serbian kitchen knife with one leather sheath.

Letcase Serbian Chef Knife

Hand Forged Butcher Knife | $69

The fit and finish are well. the necklace designed this way makes the knife looks better.

3. Comfortable wood knife handle

Usually have a knife that is really really nice, the tang it’s so wavy that it looks like belly dancing guys that’s bad man let us so wavy in there then when they fit the handle and the scales on they actually have to fill it with additional black epoxy to fill those gaps.

So, you’d better handwash this kind of knife to protect the wood handle from discoloration.

Cons of Serbian kitchen knife

1. It requires high maintenance

Now let’s talk a little bit about the daily maintenance of the Serbian chef knife. I think the Serbian chef knife is actually fairly high maintenance for what it is for being such a rugged knife.

It requires really high maintenance what I mean by high maintenance is that because it is a carbon steel knife that you have to hand wash and keep dry all the time and then you also have to oil it on a daily basis.

In addition, the nature of the 1095 steel is that it stains really easily. So even if you are meticulous about your knife care and you stick to all the words right, keep your knife dried during meal prep, you hand wash and dry it never touches the dishwasher, you also oil on a regular basis.

2. It requires sharpening often.

Daily maintenance how sharp can this knife stick-like. I meant how is that ends retention of this day.

The edge retention of this knife is average, let me just give you an example. Like I had to home this night twice in the 20 minutes period of time, and I’m talking about normal meal prep, I’m not talking about a heavy meal prep this is just like Brailler onions garlic some chuck bros, you know little things like that that I’m cooking for a regular weeknight dinner, and I had to home this sucker twice that’s a lot harder for me to keep this knife sharp.

You have to hone it quite a bit you have to strap it quite a bit. Let’s talk a little bit about why the edge retention is not so great on this, that’s because 1095 steel, their peak edge retention is about a 65 66 Rockwell hardness, but at that Rockwell hardness, it is very prone to chipping, so you have to resharpen the knife frequently.


Let’s draw this to a conclusion:  this Serbian chef knife is fun to cut. It is enjoyable to cut with and that’s really about it.

If you want to buy this knife and you really have your heart set on this sucker, I recommend don’t buy it at so much expensive price up to $90. You can find this Serbian kitchen knife on

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