Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

Recently, my wife has complained that the knife is too blunt, and it is inconvenient to cook food. Cutting vegetables and cutting meat is just as laborious as using a saw blade. I also tried to buy a sharpener and help sharpen the knife before, but my wife has always thought it was troublesome, pretending not to use it and continue to complain every day. I have to sharpen the knife frequently. I can’t stand it for another day. So, I decide to change to another kitchen knife set for my wife.

I have researched a lot of famous kitchen knives before, including the Zwilling. I originally wanted to choose blindly, but I asked friends who used it and the feedback was not good. I look at the introduction, the material and craftsmanship of the steel are not marked, I have no idea in my mind. In the end, I decide to try something new at Letcase, I chose a set of stainless steel knife sets. The main material is 7CR17 stainless steel. the surface of the laser Damascus pattern, very beautiful, good workmanship, razor-sharp, keep your kitchen away from the blunt knife and enjoy your kitchen. As a pure household use, I think that can make my wife stay away from worries like sharpening for a long time.

Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

The 9 pieces knife set has a variety of choices, you can choose different pieces depending on your needs. The maximum choice includes 9 pieces: 8-inch Chef knife*1, 8 inch Bread knife*1, 8-inch Slicing knife*1, 7 inch Cleaver knife*1, 7-inch Santoku knife*1, 6 inches Boning knife*1, 5.5-inch utility knife, 5-inch Santoku knife*1, 3.5-inch paring knife.

You can use the knife set for cutting meat, vegetables, fruit and chopping bones, other scenes can also be satisfied. It is also good as a gift for relatives and friends.

Fish belly handle with the laser Damascus pattern, very beautiful, good workmanship, This knife can be clearly distinguished from other knife set, and it has superior quality and it looks extremely stylish everywhere.

Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

The steel core uses 7Cr17Mov. It also benefits from good materials and multiple forging and quenching processes. Compared to the 20-degree cutting technology of ordinary kitchen knives, the blade has reached 16 degrees. At the same time, the knife edge is also sharper, and it will save effort when preparing ingredients.

Integrated design of blade and handle make the seams of the two materials are handled perfectly. the blades are tightly connected visually, while the blade connection is very stable without shaking.

Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

Fish belly-designed knife handle is ergonomic, it’s easy to control and comfortable grip in hand Compared with regular kitchen knife of the rectangular shape. It can also shift the center of gravity of the kitchen knife back, which can save more effort when processing ingredients.

Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

In using process, a “V-shape”cutting angle can be used to cut ingredients cleanly and without force. The surface of the ingredients can be easily cut by the blade. Even if you cut the whole cabbage, you don’t need to use any energy at all.

Recently, we often see the video about selling kitchen knife which can cut the meat with a single swipe. I also tried it with my own chef’s knife. There is no problem at all. The cross section is as smooth as the mirror and it don’t have any slight adhesion, the situation is really much better than before.

It is worth mentioning that the santoku knife is not only suitable for meat and vegetables, but also can be used for processing seafood. It can be used for various operations such as shredding, slicing and dicing. Compared with the chef’s knife, the arc of the Santoku knife has been adjusted to make it more convenient for Tangent and side cut.

Review for Letcase 9 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

In fact, I still regret buying this set of knives. I regret that I bought them too late. Although my wife is not a chef and she always cooks some home-cooked dishes, I can hear the admiration from my wife when I was in the living room. the complaints also turned into a sense of accomplishment in the kitchen. A good kitchen knife set can obviously increase our passion for cooking. And as a durable category, this knife set is a little bit painful to buy, But it is obviously much better in experience than having a less expensive knife set.

If you have a wife or friends who are annoyed with the blunt knife, Buy this knife set for them. You can visit Letcase Kitchen Knife Set for more info.

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