Serbian chef knife review 2021

Most people love Serbian chef knife because of their versatility. Today, we are going to share a Serbian chef knife reviews with you to help you know more about Serbian chef knives — Letcase Hand Forged Cleaver Knife.

hand forged cleaver knife

This knife has an improved balance and has an improved handle, I do think that the fit and finish of the new master’s Letcase is a lot more refined compared to the old Serbian original Serbian chef’s knife which is a little bit more rustic. Let’s see the feature of this knife.

Serbian chef knife of Letcase is more refined

You know it’s high carbon steel and the patinas and things like that so yes the new knife is more refined I hope it does have, I think a more refined handle it’s very comfortable the bolster integrates into the blade smoothly unlike the OG here right here which is just scales on the blade.

So it integrates very smoothly into the blade and it also has these little thumb grips right here on the handle which I kind of like.

I think it’s that’s a nice touch that they had it to the knife, so yeah I do like the new handle a little bit better it’s very comfortable in the hand balance the balance point for the new knife is right here at the pinch grip which is where you’re going to be holding your knife.

So good balance point now has it improved compared to the old Serbian chef knife pinch grip balance point, so I  would have to say that the balance point really improves.

1. Premium quality

The new Serbian meat cleaver is made with 1095 steel which is carbon steel to ensure its high sharpness which allows fast speed cutting to save time for food preparation.

I will let you be the judge of that I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole but from this point.

I’m just going to call this the German steel, now, the difference between a German is this German steel and the 1095 high carbon steel is that the Germans there was stainless steel and the old Serbian chef knife which is the carbon steel.

The carbon steel requires a lot more maintenance, it rusts the patinas you know it takes a little bit more care daily care. But the trade-off is that it has a higher carbon content. now, stainless steel requires a lot less daily maintenance, trade-off lower carbon cuts, so that’s for you to decide which one you like better the more rustic one with that requires a little bit more care.

You know it just depends on your needs now the pros and cons. Of course, with the pros let’s go ahead and start with the pros, first it has a longer cutting edge to it like like I said before like you can see there’s almost like an inch and a half extra of cutting length to this new butcher knife and chef mix which is really really nice.

The blade angle it’s very similar to the own Serbian chef’s knife, so it’s very there are a lot of similarities between the two knights.

I do like this curved bolster slash coil right here it’s not as smooth as I want it but for a $79.00  knife.

I can’t really complain it’s still really comfortable in hands it has this new like I said that I say that’s already this isn’t there’s no help that you can like crush garlic with or whatever you want to do with it.

Of course, the pros less maintenance like I talked about before and then the con is just that the knife is heavier, you know that’s a heavier knife and it has less carbon content so it’s just you know like I said before – this just depends on what you want to do, you know it just depends on your needs.

2. Clean smoothy cut

Let’s go ahead and move on to the cut test, I will come back in six months to give this a better evaluation most nights as you guys said before, or what I have said before is that most knives come out of the box sharp, so it’s not really a fair evaluation of the knife, so I’ll come back in six months and give it a full evaluation slash review but right now let’s do cut this, so of course, magazine paper cuts is no issue, I wouldn’t think it didn’t have any issues cutting you know a piece of paper it’s not like razor-sharp as some of the knives that come out of the box as you can see it tore the paper a little bit here.

But it’s still fairly sharp out of the box, now if it toward a paper a bit like that I can almost guarantee that the push test is going to fail which is just this right here, we’re just and a piece of paper up and you cut it and as you can see here it’s a no-go, all right, so I got my sweet potato here, let’s go ahead and see if we can cut in half without any issues, now let’s go ahead and do a quick comparison to the Serbian chef knife.

Let’s try that again I feel the Serbian chef knife actually cuts a little smoother, I’m gonna do a side by side and you can see that the Serbian chef knife has a gradual distal taper and the overall blade width is a lot thinner on the Serbian the chef’s knife.

So I would say for the cut test I prefer to hold serve a chef that better, but you’re not here, for all what every chef your hair put a new knife as in there, so let’s go ahead and keep cutting to see how it performs as you can see like I was talking about how it just kind of wedges through just because the knife is a little thicker, and so it just doesn’t cut, I mean it cuts okay, I impressed with it.

I have to come back in six months to tell ya but so far I like this knife.

I actually preferred the Serbian chef’s knife more, because it just cuts better for me.  now it also depends on what you need.

If you wanted something a little bit lower maintenance, doesn’t require oiling and you know you you’re afraid of rusting really easily or patina things like that, and you want something a little bit more fancy looking a little bit you know with a better fit and finish, Stainless steel knife will be a  great choice.

Serbian chef knife review 2021

If you’re in the market for a Serbian style chef knife, but if you want a little bit higher performance and you don’t mind the extra maintenance and you want something a little bit more rustic looking, then I think the Serbian chef knife is a better choice, and this pretty much wraps up my first impression of the modern stylish Edition.

If you are looking for a Serbian chef knife, you guys can try this one.

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