Serbian Chef Knife VS Chinese Cleaver

What is Serbian chef knife and Chinese cleaver

1. Serbian chef knife

What is Serbian chef knife and Chinese cleaver

The Serbian chef knife is also called chef knife, which has a longer and wider blade than other western kitchen knives. It features a very sharp blade with a thick and powerful spine.

The carbon content of a Serbian-style chef knife is often around 1% which consolidates the knife blade and makes the blade solid for an extended time.

The Almazan chef knife always has a special design for improving your efficiency in the kitchen and gets cutting tasks done faster.

It always made of excellent quality steel, Just pass it over the food once and it’ll be cut without resistance. The hand-forged Serbian chef knife is very versatile, which is heavy but sharp, and is useful for finely chopping and slicing food items.

What’s more, it can debone the bones of small animals like a chicken. the pointed end of the knife gives you the ability to make more delicate cuts easily. With one Serbian chef knife, cooking would be easier.

If you want to know more about Almazon Serbian chef knife, check our article: Almazon Serbian chef knife.

The Chinese cleaver, when compared with the slim, pointed knives used in Western kitchens, may appear to be a crude and brutal object. A rectangular slab of metal with an upper edge extending straight into a handle, it’s more often associated with butchery and murder than julienned vegetables. In China, however, such a knife is the indispensable tool in both domestic and professional kitchens, as delicate and dextrous as it is versatile.

2. Chinese cleaver

serbian chef knife vs chinese cleaver

Traditionally, Chinese chefs often use one single knife for all of the kitchen tasks, and their go-to blade is the large, square-tipped Chinese cleaver with sturdy, compact handles. Thus, Chinese Cleavers are easily recognizable.

Generally, Chinese cleaver comes in plenty of blade thicknesses and weights:

  • The thinner, lighter blades are good for fine and precision slicing.
  • The thicker, heavier blades are suitable for medium-duty butcheries, such as cutting and breaking down poultry or chopping fish heads.
  • The medium-weight blades are a compromise between the two extremes.

However, each of them does all the jobs accomplished by a whole set of German chef’s knives, from slicing small garlic to splitting a chicken. It can be used for filleting and boning.

With Chinese cleaver, you can cut potatoes faster than German ones. and it is safer because you can lean your knuckles against the knife blade while you cut, protect your fingertips from the blade.

Serbian chef knife VS Chinese cleaver?

1. Style

The Serbian chef knife usually features a “rustic” look. The hand-hammered texture on the blade with the vintage wood knife handle makes it a little old-traditional style.

Unlike other cleaver knives, the Serbian chef knife is also a high-quality hand-forged leaver knife. Going through the process of quenching and cold forging multiple times. After this, the knife becomes a dense steel structure and a uniform composition.

In addition, according to it has been forged and folded multi times, each knife has a unique hand-hammered pattern with a classic texture and black spots on the surface of the blade.

Recently, there is a new style of Serbian chef’s knife, which also has a thick blade and high sharpness. It is also a vintage style, but the blade is curved and has holes, which is safer to use and more convenient to carry and store.

In terms of Chinese cleaver, it also has a wide and thick blade, but the shape looks more regular. what’s more, the style looks more modern and variety.


2. Function

As we mentioned above, in terms of function, Serbian chef’s knife and Chinese cleaver are both multi-function knives. A single knife can meet all the cutting needs of the kitchen, so you don’t need to change knives frequently when cooking.


In general, these two kinds of knives are almost the same in function. They are both knives that integrate multiple functions. Both have thick blades to ensure multifunction.

The main difference between them lies in the appearance. The Serbian chef’s knife is more retro, and the blade shape is a little curved, while the Chinese butcher knife is often a square blade with more diverse styles.

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