How to Sharpen a Knife with Sharpener

Any kitchen has at least one kitchen knife, thus, how to sharpen the knife with the sharpener is a knife skill that you have to know.

Here is a quick start guide to show you how to use the kitchen knife sharpener and techniques on how to get the best results on a variety of different sized knives. 

How to Sharpen a Knife with Sharpener

I’m going to show you how to sharpen several different size kitchen knives.

Quite blunt as you can imagine, the knife can’t cut things quickly and will shred them. so, I’m going to take you through three stages of sharpening, to show you how to get a sharp edge on each of them.

1. Make sure you sharpen the knife in a flat and stable place

Firstly, make sure the kitchen knife was placed on a flat sturdy surface, for example, a chopping board is good as a precaution, which helps to protect your table or workshop.

Sharpen a Knife with Sharpener

We recommend that you hold the knife with your dominant hand and the slight sharp with your other hand. Whatever feels most comfortable gives you the most control of spike knives.

The spike knives get put through a fair amount of day-to-day abuse, they can be tossed into the dishwasher or thrown into kitchen drawers, they can pick up wine and Nicks and dents on the blade edge which could cause the blade to catch during sharpening to combat.

2. Prepare

Secondly, we’re going to use slot one (CERAMIC STAGE) which contains coarse diamond coated rods, these coarse rods will help to minimize any small imperfections on the blade edge. It also Ruffins up the sides of the blade to give it a more even surface ready for sharpness.


So take your knife, and then with a light but firm pressure pull the knife through slot one in a nice smooth and motion, do this step around five times, the knife should move through the slot easily, you shouldn’t feel too much resistance at this stage.

3. Sharpen

Stage two: this is the most important stage of the process, this slot (COARSE STAGE) contains hardened tungsten carbide plates, these plates will remove small amounts of metal from either side of the blade to sharpen your knife. The COURSE stage is used for medium blunt knives and knife maintenance.

How to Sharpen a Knife

We’re going to add a bit more downward pressure to a stroke, and then repeat that nice smooth movement through slot two, you should feel some resistance on this stage as you pull your knife through.

If your knife pulls through the slots smoothly without resistance, and try instead pulling your knife through a somewhat upward angle until you notice a definite tug, as you pull your knife through, this is something you’ll get a feel for over time and may differ from the different knife. So, feel free to experiment a little at first to get this right. Once you’ve finished and resistant, then pull your knife through the slots with that smooth movement around five times. If you’re sharpening knives for the very first time, just March up and it’s good to repeat the action a few more times.

4. Hone

Finally, for the final stage slop, three(FINE STAGE)contains fine ceramic rods of which Pro final toning and finishing.

This will remove any burrs gently and polish the blade edge to complete the sharpening process.

Pull the knife through slot three and that nice smooth motion with a light but firm downward pressure, do this step around five times.

The knife should move through slot three easily absolutely. finally, give you a knife a careful white before testing the sharpness.

How to Sharpen a Knife with Sharpener

If you think your knife could be sharper, you can simply repeat the process again until you get the desired results.

I’ve set a very blunt might take a few goes, to begin with, once your knife is a little blunt, you can maintain its sharpness for longer by using just stage three on every other use.

Only use all three stages when it feels like your knife needs a full sharpening. The kitchen knife is wiped clean only, it is not suitable for use in the dishwasher or being submerged in water.

Kitchen knives come in all different shapes and sizes, if you need other help, just email us or contact us through our websites for any assistance you may need. We are always happy to help.

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